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Cokumbia, sc own The LOST Pirates a rap group who has took a break from the scene as a whole, has joined the DustHouse organized grind family "Lafamilia". Working on there last album together " walking the plank" which is dropping soon after the release of the mix CD.currently in the lab working and also will be featured in the new film Karma 2 da movie.stayel tuned more updates and photos from the group plus video shoot. Dusthouse Entertainment!
Mista Big Man is working on a new mix cd that you can expect it will burn the streets up with that fire!
Nor$o fire spitting rapper from Philly,just released his "culture shock" album under the Hard Hittaz Ent our extended family.This album is flooding the streets and online.
Deezy Slim wrote in Facebook today! ATTENTION my supporters' I love music and grateful for every inch of support. It comes time when we open new doors. been professionally putting out music since 2001,before the internet stuff.different albums in best buy,walmart etc.major magazines,tv shows etc The game has changed and its hard for me to focus on building the biggest indie label while I'm still being an artist at same time.so I've decided to make my ep "Eviction" the last studio album.and focus on running Dusthouse Films & ent.i still will be releasing mix cds and group (Lafamilia)cds with me as an artist but since I have no boss over me I,need to focus on business 200% instead of 75% ‪#‎evictionalbum‬ ‪#‎karma2movie‬ ‪#‎suppressmovie‬ #2015 ‪#‎comingsoon‬
K2 the movie coming soon!!!!!
kuntrefied album KFC will be available on iTunes soon!
Starting Jan 2015 the KFC tour starring one of the original Dusthouse records artist Kuntrefied aka Lil kuntree! south Carolina native who has been breaking barriers since the early 2000s.Also star in the upcoming K2 movie as character JB,a must see film.
Patiently waiting to release karma the part 2
Singer Carmin is about to release her new single "make love" which is also on Suppress movie soundtrack
We want to applaud model Keke for her non stop grind from run way to run way etc.Stay on the lookout for her!
We are releasing our first comedy DVD project with comedians Skip G,Johnny Mack and Kenny Belton.plus the foundation DVD and re releasing my turn DVD and IpThot mix cd and foundation mix cd! All within the month of January 2014
Support your local talent and Order the hottest new independent movie that was filmed in South Carolina and North Carolina by Dusthouse Films.A company based out of Winnsboro/Columbia Sc.Karma is a drama/love film filled with real life events! What goes around comes around,click on this link and order today! Thanks http://www.dusthouseentertainment.com/karma_the_movie/
Checkout Taylormade the prince single That Girl is now number 7 indie song with Coast 2 Coast mix tapes! Love lectures album is in the makes!
I heard the "mama" song by deezy slim and I really love that song and I will be playing on our Mother's Day dinner this year! Thanks
Ok great if you are interested in becoming a dusthouse model email atleast two photos,your goals and your interests to dusthouse@ymail.com thanks!
i saw that you all were looking for models and i am interested in modeling for your company
I love deezy slim music sense I was in middle school!

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